No Nonsense Cables


Melodika cables are characterised by a no-nonsense approach: just a good connection cable in a simple packaging. Both the production of the cables, as well as the manufacture of the ready-made connecting cables, happens in Poland. A genuine European product with five years full guarantee at a very affordable price. Melodika cables fit into any audio system.


There is a lot to read about this, unfortunately also a lot of nonsense with the most fantastic descriptions, properties and exotic materials. The various devices in the audio chain, such as CD player, media and network player, amplifier and speakers, must be connected. To do this, they use a cable that transfers the signal from one device to another. That cable should not add to, or decrease, the (music) signal. They say that the cable must be ‘ transparent ‘, after all, for changes of the signal we have equipment, such as sound control or an equalizer. At the moment a cable changes slightly to the signal it is actually an undesirable change, because you cannot send that change. Sometimes such a change is good, that is, the change is consistent with the subjective desire of the listener. This makes that one often experiments with various brands of cables to achieve a desired sound result.


Is that a cable should not affect the signal in order to keep as honest as possible and controllable (music) signal through the entire audio chain. This is what Melodika thinks is a ‘ good ‘ cable. In addition, a cable (mechanically) must be sturdy, durable and well attached to the plugs. And, if possible, do not allow interference from outside.

Only in the audio do you come across cables of silver, gold, cryogenic, exotic materials, ingested etc. Cables used in the military or in medical applications, according to the people of Melodika, are also good enough for audio at home. These are the cables of Melodika, pure copper, shielded, strong outer sheath and carefully attached with silver solder to the plugs.


The cables are sober packed. No boxes with velour lining and gold-plated closures. That doesn’t help at all for a better sound signal. Because the production of the cables and the manufacture of ready-to-use connecting cables in Poland, there is little transport and the costs are low. All that makes the cables can be delivered at a friendly price. On Melodika cables you get a FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY: This indicates that they have confidence in the reliability of the cables. And if something could be wrong, you’ll just get a new one.