Wanting to get the most out of something. Wanting to fathom everything. They are core desires, deeply embedded in the fibers of the driving force behind True-Blue Box. Thoughts that get color in the engineer’s youth. Sitting on the floor, he is intrigued as he tries to comprehend the process of a new rotating washing machine. “Add water. Add soap. Centrifugation. I stayed the entire cycle challenges himself to have his Lego dolls controlled by the plateau of his pickup truck. Always driven by the fascination to understand a device and discover what else is possible. His environment soon picks up the passion of the aspiring craftsman: starting with his mother’s old tape recorder, the boy’s room fills with pick-ups, cassette decks and amplifiers, all of which get a place in the Bruynzeel cabinets that his father bought. He takes them apart professionally and delves into the enormous potential.

It is not surprising that at the age of fifteen that he turns up at the local local broadcaster, where he develops in three years from assistant to chief engineer. His search for the ultimate sound also starts in that period. With his Sony TCD 5 m and his Sennheiser microphone, he pops up at church towers to capture the carillon and resists storm and wind to record the sound of the beach. “On my bike I went everywhere with the question: where can I find this sound? Or how can I make that sound? And then I went the spot to listen to how something sounded. If I was not satisfied, I would make a new recording. ”

Driven by curiosity and enormous perseverance, the technician goes through all the technical courses that are available: LTS, MTS, HTS. There he deepens his knowledge and he learns to look at products analytically. “Whether it is about electronics, mechanics or woodworking. The laws are universal. We as humans can create things with it; we have been given tools and imagination with which we can create a world around us. Like you can connect all kinds of Lego bricks together to make things out of it. I can still be touched by that”.

During his graduation assignment at Philips, he is allowed to devote himself to the development of the durable class D amplifiers. The aim is to bring an LCD television on to the market that is affordable for people and, moreover, compact and energy efficient. Though he completes the assignment with succes the engineer soon discovers that the sound quality of the amplifiers leaves something to be desired. It lacks warmth and it’s too dependent on the speakers you connect to it. So as a newly minted employee at Philips, the engineer starts a secret side project with a colleague to turn the class D amplifiers into something beautiful. Searching again for the ultimate sound. To the maximum … So clean and pure that you can feel the feeling of every singer in your toes! After 9 years at Philips he startes his own company named Vintage Audio Repair where he did all kind of different repairs of guess what.. vintage audio. In 2017 he started again with his Class D project.

As if scripted, that year a lady dives into his path to help him in this quest for the ultimate sound. (Let’s call her the engineer’s muse) She provides structure and assists him in the further development of his now established company Vintage Audio Repair, with which he restores and repairs tube, guitar and jukebox amplifiers and other vintage audio equipment. She too embraces the engineer’s mission for the ultimate sound while helping him with the design. She can’t wait to hear the beautiful product coming from the engineer’s hands. She believes in his mission, which can change the sound perception.

Not long after this development, a company – which develops special audio chips – also gets in and receives the help and materials from various sides to fulfill its mission. In this way, the engineer’s life project is approaching step by step: the delivery of an amplifier with sound quality that has never been realized before. A solution for all people who are looking for the ultimate sound. For people who, just like the engineer, want to get excited. Who want to imagine himself in a concert hall next to pianist Reinbert de Leeuw, while playing his masterful performance of Satie. Or who, like the engineer, not only want to hear the immersive music sounds of Deep Purple on the live recordings of Made in Japan, but also want to hear the fingers of the guitarist glide over the strings. As if the artist is standing in front of you in the room.