Top of the line class D integrated DAC/Streamer/(pre)amplifier

True, pure and innovative

Our True-Blue Box amplifiers offer unprecedented amusement of listening. The inspired philosophy of the designer has resulted in a first-class amplifier that due to its simplicity gives you pure perception of music: high-quality technics that will slip your mind when listening to the music. Characteristics of the True-Blue Box are:

Sublime, natural and elaborated
sound reproduction

No nonsense: simplicity in design and very simple to operate

Low energy consumption


Simply connect your amplifier
The True-Blue Box amplifier is the core of your audio system. It is the connecting link between speakers and other sources of music.

Connecting a True-Blue Box amplifier to your new or existing audio system is childishly simple. You connect a streamer, CD-player or a TV-receiver straight to the amplifier. But also when using your current speakers, the True-Blue Box amplifier allows you to listen to music details you have never heard before. You will relive your favourite music! Notwithstanding its modest size, the True-Blue Box gives you the performance of a top quality DAC pre-and power amplifier.

Appearances also count. A True-Blue Box amplifier is a beautiful addition to everyone’s interior because of its minimal design, combination of natural materials and is also simple to operate.

Connecting analogue sources straight to your amplifier
Not only digital signals are being transposed into sound in an almost perfect way, but also analogue sources can be connected straight to the True-Blue Box. Lovers of vinyl wouldn’t be disappointed in this amplifier. Thanks to the innovative phono preamplifier the music of a LP sounds exactly as is meant to be: without hum, noise or distortion.

Durable amplifier
The circuit is almost imperishable because of its low energy consumption and minor development of heat. This means little depreciation and a high residual value. The True-Blue Box amplifier is a small investment for a lifelong listening pleasure. By connecting different speakers or using better sound sources you can upgrade your set. The True-Blue Box makes it sound as if you are personally present at the recording. Discover it yourself and visit our company in Dordrecht or go to see one of the private users in the country, who are more than willing to share their enthusiasm.