Refined, Pure and Innovative

True-Blue Box

Our True-Blue Box amplifiers offer the most spoiled music lover unprecedented listening pleasure. The innovative philosophy of the designer has yielded a top amplifier that makes pure music experience possible through its simplicity. It is high-quality technology that makes you forget about technology when listening. The True-Blue Box is characterized by:

  • A sublime, natural and very detailed
    sound reproduction
  • No nonsense: simplicity in design and operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Durability

Easy to connect. The True-Blue Box amplifiers are the heart of your audio system. They are the connecting link between speakers and music sources.

Connecting a True-Blue Box amplifier to your new or existing audio system is child’s play. You connect a streamer, CD player or a TV receiver directly to the amplifier. On your current speakers, a True-Blue Box amplifier also displays details that you have not seen before. You will therefore relive your favorite music. True-Blue Box offers the performance of a top quality DAC preamp and power amplifier within very modest dimensions.

The eye wants something too. An amplifier from True-Blue Box is a jewel in any interior due to the minimalist design, the combination with natural materials and the ease of use.

Also analogue sources. Of course digital signals are converted into sound in an almost perfect way. But analogue sources can also be connected directly to the True-Blue Box amplifiers. Vinyl enthusiasts will be in their element with this amplifier. Thanks to the innovative phono preamp, the music from an LP sounds exactly as intended: without hum, noise or distortion.

Durability. Due to the low energy consumption and the low heat generation, the circuit is virtually wear-resistant. That means little depreciation and a high residual value. The True-Blue Box amplifier is a small investment for a lifetime of listening pleasure. Upgrading a set can be done by connecting other speakers or using better sources. The True-Blue Box amplifiers make it all sound if you are present at the
recording. Experience it for yourself and come and listen in our company in Dordrecht or at one of the private users in the country who want to share their enthusiasm.