There is something new on the horizon … If you are on the battlefield of the affordable turntables, you have to come from a good family. The market is dominated by extremely cheap record players with a higher PR value than quality. But what do you want for 399 euros? Well, from now on there is news on the horizon, literally.

The name? New Horizon. This Italian brand understands like no other the art of offering an almost incredible amount of quality for the money.

Being unique with a technology that is over 100 years old is rather difficult or even impossible. New Horizon is original because it is not a copy of any other product that is currently on the market: the project comes from a blank sheet.

A quality product uses quality components. In the utmost simplicity of the products, New Horizon uses the best available raw materials: MDF HD; aeronautic aluminum, harmonic steel … An object must not only look good: it must be well made.

Style is when beauty is combined with utility. Why produce an impersonal object when we can create a beautiful object with the same commitment? New Horizon pays attention to the design of the entire production. Sobriety and elegance contribute to the birth of a new classic.

Behind the scenes. New Horizon relies on skilled professionals for the production of the semi-finished products. Specialized professionals who work in different branches: furniture design; precision mechanics; recreational boating. Every object is the result of human handiwork.